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This tool automatically explains in plain english what your SQL query does, free of charge:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • EverSQL SQL to Text is a utility tool that enables the transformation of SQL queries into human-readable text. It takes complex SQL statements and converts them into a more readable and understandable format.

  • Yes! it's 100% free.

  • Converting SQL to text offers various advantages. It improves readability, making SQL queries easier to understand for developers, non-technical stakeholders, and when documenting code. It also promotes collaboration, as anyone can read and interpret the queries, even if they are not skilled in SQL. Additionally, it helps in creating clear and comprehensive documentation for future reference and sharing knowledge.

  • EverSQL SQL to Text utilizes AI to analyze the parts of the query and to understand its goal. It breaks down the query into meaningful components, such as SELECT, FROM, WHERE clauses, and transforms them into a human-readable format. The resulting text representation provides a clear understanding of the query's intent.

  • Yes, EverSQL SQL to Text is designed to handle complex SQL queries efficiently. Whether your queries involve multiple JOINs, subqueries, nested conditions, or advanced functions, the tool can accurately transform them into readable text.

  • Yes, EverSQL Text to SQL takes the security and privacy of user data very seriously. All data entered into the tool is encrypted and securely stored.

  • EverSQL SQL to Text will explain the SQL query's intent in plain English.