EverSQL Query Optimizer – FAQ

What does it take to start using EverSQL?

All you need to start your SQL optimization journey is a slow SQL query you would like to optimize. Providing more information such as the schema structure will unlock even more advanced optimization recommendations. Start using our online SQL query optimizer today!

Can I see a short demo of how the application works?

Sure you can. Please watch this video to get an initial feeling of how the application works and which benefits can you gain from using it.

Do you require access to my database and data?

No, we do not require any access to your database nor your sensitive data.

Which databases are supported?

We’re currently focusing on optimizing your experience with MySQL, MariaDB and PerconaDB. Said that, some of our recommendations may apply to other databases as well, but we can’t promise nor support those at the moment. If you would like to get a better idea on and if our focus is going to change, please contact us.

Is the data sent on a secure channel?

The application transmits all data using a secure protocol (HTTPS). Rest assured that the data is safe with us. For more information about the strict security measures we take, please contact us.

How much does it cost?

EverSQL is currently free. You can analyze your SQL queries and optimize them automatically for free. As we are currently in beta phase, we are actively collecting users’ feedback and adapt our product exactly the way they want it to be, so feel free to send us some feedback.

Why do I need to upload the schema structure?

Optimizing SQL queries is a complex task, which usually requires several data sources to get it right. As much information as we’ll have on your query, database and environment, the better recommendations we can offer. Therefore, providing the SQL query, schema structure, execution plan (EXPLAIN) and other information may be required, in order to fully utilize the power of EverSQL Query Optimizer.

Do you provide a desktop application / IDE plugins?

We get requests to provide a desktop application that connects to the database and pulls the relevant information on its own. Also, we are receiving user requests to provide our optimization product as a plugin to different SQL clients, such as SQLYog, MySQL Workbench, Navicat, PHPMyAdmin, Datagrip and others. If you enthusiastic about SQL performance and would like to see the desktop application or plugins released, please let us know (contacting us will help us decide which of these options to develop and release next).

What’s the magic behind indexing recommendations?

We take indexing recommendations very seriously, as they are the foundation for good query performance. Therefore, we invest a lot in creating our proprietary algorithm, while constantly testing it on tens of thousands of real queries and databases. EverSQL’s algorithm takes many factors into consideration to calculate the best indexes for your query. Among those factors are the query structure, table sizes, existing indexes and their cardinality, column types and sizes, the connections between the tables and columns in the query and many other factors. That said, we believe that there is no such thing “a perfect algorithm”. Therefore, if you think we could do better with the recommendations we provided, please let us know.