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How do I optimize queries with EverSQL?

All you need to start your SQL optimization journey is a slow SQL query you would like to optimize. Providing more information such as the schema structure will unlock even more advanced optimization recommendations. Start using the online SQL query optimizer today!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Our free trial will let you taste some of the optimization magic before you have to make the big decision. Once you run out of free credits, feel free to look into our flexible subscription plans.

Do you need any access to my database or data?

No, we do not require any access to your database, nor your sensitive data.

Which databases are supported?

We're currently focused on optimizing your experience with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Percona Server. Having said that, some of our recommendations may apply to other databases such as Oracle and SQL Server as well, but these are still in beta at the moment. Feel free to contact us in case you need more information.

Why do I need to upload the schema's structure?

Optimizing SQL queries is a complex task, which usually requires several data sources to get it right. As much information as we'll have on your query, database and environment, the better recommendations we can offer. Therefore, providing the SQL query, schema structure, execution plan (EXPLAIN) and other information may be required, in order to fully utilize the power of EverSQL Query Optimizer.

Can I integrate database monitoring solutions to EverSQL?

Yes, you can. A list of supported database monitoring applications and installation instructions can be found on the integrations page.

What's the magic behind indexing recommendations?

We take indexing recommendations very seriously, as they are the foundation for good query performance. Therefore, we invest a lot in creating our proprietary algorithm, while constantly testing it on tens of thousands of real queries and databases. EverSQL's algorithm takes many factors into consideration to calculate the best indexes for your query. Among those factors are the query structure, table sizes, existing indexes and their cardinality, column types and sizes, the connections between the tables and columns in the query and many other factors. That said, we believe that there is no such thing "a perfect algorithm". Therefore, if you think we could do better with the recommendations we provided, please let us know.

How much does it cost?

You can find more information about our pricing pricing plans here. Feel free to try out EverSQL Query Optimizer for free, by starting with the free trial.

Do you provide a desktop application / IDE plugins?

We get requests to provide a desktop application that connects to the database and pulls the relevant information on its own. Also, we are receiving user requests to provide our optimization product as a plugin to different SQL clients, such as SQLYog, MySQL Workbench, Navicat, PHPMyAdmin, Datagrip and others. If you enthusiastic about SQL performance and would like to see the desktop application or IDE addons released, please let us know (contacting us will help us decide which of these options to develop and release next).

What is EverSQL Performance Sensor?

EverSQL Performance Sensor is an additional optional, non-intrusive, module that collects external signals from your database. By installing EverSQL Performance Sensor, you can automatically track your database to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize the slow queries. and expect the following performance insights: Detection of new slow queries, Prioritization of which queries to optimize, Detection of missing and redundant indexes, and many more.

Sensor supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Percona Server.
Sensor supported platforms: Centos, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon RDS(MySQL/MariaDB), Amazon Aurora for MySQL/PostgreSQL, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure Database.

Is the data sent on a secure channel?

The application transmits all data using a secure protocol (HTTPS). Rest assured that the data is safe with us.
Click here to read more about the security measures we take to protect our customers data, both in transit and at rest.

How customers data is protected?

Customer confidence and data security is critical to everything we do at EverSQL.
We are committed to providing our customers with a highly secure and reliable environment and keep the data safe. We have therefore developed a security model that covers all aspects of cloud-based EverSQL systems.

Click here to read more about the security measures we take to protect our customers data.

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