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Meet EverSQL, your personal AI-powered DBA

EverSQL is the fastest way to optimize your database and SQL queries automatically.
Developers, DBAs, and DevOps engineers use EverSQL for automatic SQL tuning and indexing.
Our customers report their queries are 5X faster on average, just minutes after getting started.
Save your team 35 weekly hours on average by optimizing your SQL queries online for free.

EverSQL is 100% non-intrusive, and doesn't access any of your databases' sensitive data.

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Choose your database type, the platform, and submit a query for optimization. You can also install the performance sensor for ongoing performance insights.

Automatic SQL Query Optimization

Smart AI-based algorithms will optimize your SQL query by automatically re-writing it and indexing it. EverSQL will tell you exactly what changed and how the magic works.

Ongoing AI-based Performance Insights

EverSQL's non-intrusive sensor will track your database performance on an ongoing basis, generate optimization insights which are quick and easy to understand and implement.

Cost Reduction

EverSQL helps reduce your database monthly cost by providing on-going recommendations such as deletion of redundant indexes and schema optimizations. Applying these recommendations will optimize your database performance, reduce CPU usage, memory usage, and storage costs.

What EverSQL customers think?

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