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What is EverSQL?

EverSQL is a one click solution to optimize any SQL query, without the need for any SQL related knowledge. EverSQL Query Optimizer is used by software engineers and database administrators all around the world, looking for an automatic, quick and easy way to improve SQL query performance. We invite you to start your SQL tuning journey with our free trial.

Automatic, Instant, Easy.

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Stop spending hours on SQL tuning manually. The future is here with EverSQL Query Optimizer. Upload your query and schema data and we'll do the work for you.


Get familiar with the product

EverSQL Query Optimizer is as simplest as it can get. Watch a one-minute introduction video to get familiar with the product and its capabilities. Instant SQL query tuning is now here at your fingertips.

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We're now in beta phase, which means you have a unique opportunity to try out the product for free. Start optimizing instantly with EverSQL Query Optimizer.

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Plans and Pricing

EverSQL is currently free

You can optimize your SQL queries with all the features EverSQL has to offer. Everything is currently free.
We are using our free beta to get users' feedback and adapt our product exactly the way they want it to be.

EverSQL will soon be officially released with our complete set of features, along with our pricing plan.
Once the pricing plan rolls out, our beta users will be eligible for a discount. Stay tuned for updates.