EverSQL and GitHub to launch a new partnership for students

We are excited to announce that EverSQL and GitHub have launched a new partnership as a part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which offers valuable free software licenses to students.

We believe that there's no substitute for hands-on experience. For most students, real-world tools can be cost-prohibitive. That's why partnered with GitHub: to give students free access to the our database performance tuning product, so they can learn by doing.

As part of this new offer, GitHub students will be eligible to register to EverSQL's Basic plan for free, for six months. The Basic plan includes 10 free optimization credits on a monthly basis.

We all started as students and we know that every dollar counts. We believe that this partnership will help students around the globe to become better developers and ultimately help them land a great job after graduating.

To join our students plan, visit the EverSQL & GitHub students page on our website.