Navigating Scale: How EverSQL Transformed Nellis Auction’s Google Cloud MySQL Performance

Nellis Auction

How EverSQL Helped Nellis Auction Scale and Optimize Their Google Cloud SQL MySQL Database for High Traffic


Nellis Auction is a leading online auction company that provides a platform for users to buy and sell a wide range of items, including antiques, collectibles, and real estate. With a growing user base and an increasing amount of data to manage, Nellis Auction faced performance challenges with their database system, which was running on MySQL on Google Cloud SQL. Queries were slow and often timed out, causing frustration for both customers and internal teams.

Pain Points

    • Nellis Auction's user traffic had increased dramatically, causing high load on their Cloud SQL MySQL database.
    • To address their database performance issues, Nellis Auction tried various optimization techniques and tools. However, these efforts didn't yield significant improvements, and the team continued to experience slow queries, especially during peak traffic periods.
    • Nellis Auction were not unable to determine cache size bottlenecks or other configuration issues in the database.
    • Tuning replication settings in the database was also a challenge, with slow replication settings causing issues in the past.


That's when Nellis Auction turned to EverSQL, a cloud-based database optimization platform that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze database queries and suggest improvements. The VP of Engineering, Brian Lee, was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. After subscribing to EverSQL, Brian and his team were able to see immediate results. EverSQL analyzed Nellis Auction's queries and suggested several index creations, which the team implemented. Within days, the queries started running much faster, and the timeouts stopped.


Thanks to EverSQL, Nellis Auction was able to improve their database performance by 10x, enabling them to handle the increase in user traffic without any issues. "Things have been going quite well since our subscription started with EverSQL," says Brian. "EverSQL helped us tune our system to deal with the increase in traffic."

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Brian and his team plan to continue using EverSQL to optimize their queries and monitor their database performance. They also appreciate EverSQL's user-friendly interface and customer support, which have made the optimization process smoother and more efficient. "It's polished and works very well," says Brian. "It gives a good degree of oversight to monitoring trouble areas in the database."


Nellis Auction's experience with EverSQL shows how AI and machine learning can make a significant impact on database performance. By using EverSQL's platform, Nellis Auction was able to overcome their performance challenges and improve their customer experience. If you're facing similar issues with your database system, consider giving EverSQL a try.


"EverSQL dramatically improved our google cloud SQL database performance by swiftly pinpointing inefficiencies and even providing solutions. We addressed high latency issues with a fraction of the effort and gained insight on future concerns through trend examination. For my team, EverSQL has proven invaluable, allowing us to tackle problems typically demanding more resources. Its value to our organization far surpasses its cost."       

- Brian Lee, VP of Engineering                                                     


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