Top 5 SQL Optimization Tools in 2023

Companies have more data in today's world, and queries that took a few seconds might take a few minutes or even hours. If you have a complex SQL query and looking for an automated tool that will help you, we tested the most popular tools and created this article for you.

Here is a list of the top 5 SQL and query optimization tools:

  1. EverSQL Query Optimizer
  2. APEXSQL Plan
  3. SQL Azure Query Performance Insights
  4. Toad SQL Optimizer for Oracle
  5. SQL tuning

Here are the details on the pros and cons of each tool:

#1 - EverSQL



  • Automatic SQL rewrite
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Percona, SQL Server, Cloud SQL, Aurora
  • An online version, no installation required
  • Missing indexes recommendations
  • Intuitive and Easy to use
  • Identify redundant indexes
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • On-going Performance insights
  • Multi-Platform Databases (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, On-prem)
  • Slow queries analysis
  • Integration with monitoring tools AWS Performance Insights, New Relic, Percona PMM
  • Designed for Software Developers
  • Bulk Indexes Advisor
  • Used by more than 50,000 developers across the globe


  • Oracle support is still in BETA

Price: Free for basic usage, one optimization a month.  Advanced edition starts at $75

#2 -ApexSQL Plan


  • Query execution plan
  • SQL Server support
  • Visual Studio integration
  • Customize graphical query execution plan view
  • Profile stored procedure performance
  • Identify query performance issues and deadlocks
  • Compare estimated and actual query execution plans


  • Only SQL server support
  • No query rewrites
  • Designed for DBAs, might be too complicated for engineers without DBA background
  • Requires local installation

Price: Free version. advanced features start at $699.00 per user / per instance

#3 - SQL Azure Query Performance Insights



  • Display queries that use most IO and CPU
  • Basic reporting
  • Details on queries by CPU, duration, and execution count
  • Resource utilization history per query
  • Add manual annotations


  • Only Azure support
  • No query rewrites
  • Enabling Query store is a mandatory prerequisite.

Price: Free, as a part of your Azure subscription.

#4 -Toad SQL Optimizer for Oracle


  • a part of an excellent suite for DBAs
  • Query execution plan
  • Oracle support
  • Identify slow queries
  • Inspect System Global Area (SGA)


  • Designed for DBAs, might be too complicated for engineers without DBA background
  • Requires local installation

Price: 14-days Free trial, Starts at $1,164

#5 - SQL tuning


  • Online, no installation required
  • Display oracle best practices


  • Only Oracle support
  • The software is sometimes buggy, some users report non-relevant recommendations.
  • Very basic, provides general recommendations
  • Doesn't offer rewritten query

Price: Free