Cheaper & Faster PostgreSQL/MySQL?

Exciting news! We've added new PostgreSQL and MySQL features that will help optimize your database performance and save you money. Check out our latest updates:

Reduce your MySQL/PostgreSQL cost

Analyze your database and schema to save $$$ by applying these optimizations.
EverSQL helps reduce your database monthly cost by providing on-going recommendations such as deletion of redundant indexes and schema optimizations. Applying these recommendations will optimize your database performance, reduce CPU usage, memory usage, and storage costs.
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Supported Operating Systems

You can now install the EverSQL Sensor on Ubuntu 20.04, Windows servers and additional new OS.

The EverSQL Sensor is a non-intrusive solution that collect data about your SQL queries and provide real-time performance insights and recommendations.

The EverSQL Sensor uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your queries and identify performance issues such as slow queries, inefficient queries, and other database-related problems. It then provides you with actionable recommendations to improve the performance of your queries and overall database performance.

The Sensor is designed to work with a variety of database platforms, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, and Google CloudSQL.

Text-To-SQL : Get help in writing complex SQL using a free tool

Get even better recommendations and use tools like EverSQL's Text-To-SQL with our new ML modules.

Customer Spotlight - Floify

Watch how Floify transformed its app performance with EverSQL


In summary, EverSQL is a valuable tool for developers and DevOps engineers looking to optimize their MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. With new features such as cost reduction recommendations you can easily improve your database performance and save money in the process.