Online PostgreSQL/MySQL Index Advisor

  • Should I create an index or use histograms?
  • Do I really need all these indexes? Maybe they just slow me down?
  • How can I find if I have duplicate indexes?
  • How important is the order of columns in indexes?
  • Which index should I create, Clustered or Non-Clustered?
  • What types of indexes should I use?
  • Should I rebuild these indexes?
  • How many clustered indexes should I create on a table?
  • Should I create an index on small tables?
  • Do my queries actually use my new index?
  • Can I add one more index to speed up my slowest query?

EverSQL index advisor will analyze your SQL statements, slow query logs, your database schema - and will offer query tuning and indexing recommendations. The online Advisor provides advice in the form of precise SQL actions for tuning the SQL statements along with their expected performance benefits. The optimization recommendations or based on the query, schema structure, columns cardinality, existing indexes and many more factors our algorithm takes under consideration. The indexing advisor will recommend the most optimal indexes you should create to speed up your SQL queries.

EverSQL supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, Oracle, MariaDB and Percona

With EverSQL you can automatically tune SQL statements by tracking and identifying slow queries and implement tuning recommendations. You can also run the advisor selectively on a single or a set of SQL statements that have been identified as problematic.

EverSQL is a online tool, simple to use, was designed for developers and doesn't require database performance expertise. Start optimizing your queries for free.