5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Buy an EverSQL license

You are sure that EverSQL is excellent for you and the team but not really sure how to convince your Boss to buy an EverSQL license? Here is an email template that may help you:

To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Fixing performance issues and making customers happy - License request

Hi <Boss>,
Hope all is well.

I found a great tool that can save us a lot of money, make our customers happy and save time for our engineers. It is called EverSQL and it can automatically identify slow database queries, and optimize them without extra efforts.  

It costs $___ a month, with a yearly subscription (pricing page), and I believe it is definitely worth it because:

  1. Today we pay $____ for our AWS/GCP/Azure database instances (Crazy, I know!! it is $__ Per hour!). As you remember, every time the database queries were too slow, we just upgraded our servers to stronger and more expensive instances. With EverSQL we can fix the root cause for these slow workflows and save cost by reverting back to a smaller server size.
  2. Remember that one customer who told us that she hates logging into our system and wait for __ seconds until everything loads? EverSQL can probably fix it and reduce it to 1-2 seconds.
  3. Our engineering team is excellent, but we don’t have a ‘Database performance guru’ here. We can hire someone for $15,000 a month or just use EverSQL, which will be much cheaper,  faster, and probably better.
  4. EverSQL knows to rewrite database queries. So basically, it is a ‘performance spell checker’ that will make sure that every new feature will not damage our existing workflows performance.
  5. More than 30,000 developers use EverSQL, from companies like Amazon, Fastly, Orange and others, I am sure it can also help us.

I already tested it and loved it. Do you approve the license? 

<Your name>