PostgreSQL is taking the lead

This post's contentDB ranking in the last 10 yearsPostgreSQL crowned by StackOverflow Survey in 2023Cloud vendors are going in a PostgreSQL-first approachDatabase migrations are tailored to PostgreSQLCustom databases are built on top of PostgreSQLYour thoughts? This is not a "which database is the best in 2023" article. I don't think that's a simple question to… Continue reading PostgreSQL is taking the lead

Resolving ServiceNow Performance Issues

This post's contentThe Problem: Slow Dashboards and Growing FrustrationInvestigating the Root CauseServiceNow Internal Configuration TuningImplementing EverSQL: A Game-ChangerResults and Lessons Learned: A More Robust SystemConclusion: A Journey Worth Taking As the CTO of a major telco company in the US, managing our IT infrastructure is a crucial part of my daily responsibilities. ServiceNow, with its… Continue reading Resolving ServiceNow Performance Issues

Postgresql SQL optimization [2023 edition]

This post's contentHow I fixed my Slow PostgreSQL and made it faster:Identifying slow queriesIndexingJoinsSubqueriesMaterialized ViewspgBadgerEverSQLGranulatePartitioningConfiguration OptimizationShould I upgrade my PostgreSQL version?Does new PostgreSQL versions include new performance capabilities?Summary How I fixed my Slow PostgreSQL and made it faster: In this post I will share our experience in making PostgreSQL faster and will provide actionable tips… Continue reading Postgresql SQL optimization [2023 edition]

My Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: The 7 Tools That Made It Possible

This post's contentOverview of the Migration ProcessOra2PgAWS Database Migration Service (DMS)pgLoaderForeign Data Wrappers (FDW)pg_dump, pg_restore and additional built-in PG featuresEverSQL, for Post Migration TuningNpgsqlCommon Pitfalls in Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL1. Differences in SQL Syntax and Functionality2. Transaction Behavior3. Case Sensitivity4. Sequences and Auto-Incrementing5. Data Types6. NULLs and Empty Strings7. Date and Time TypesConclusion I… Continue reading My Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: The 7 Tools That Made It Possible

Cheaper & Faster PostgreSQL/MySQL?

This post's contentReduce your MySQL/PostgreSQL costSupported Operating SystemsText-To-SQL : Get help in writing complex SQL using a free toolCustomer Spotlight - FloifySummary Exciting news! We've added new PostgreSQL and MySQL features that will help optimize your database performance and save you money. Check out our latest updates: Reduce your MySQL/PostgreSQL cost Analyze your database and… Continue reading Cheaper & Faster PostgreSQL/MySQL?

Top 7 tips for optimizing and reducing your RDS cost

This post's contentStep 1: Understand Your Database UsageStep 2: Optimize your schema and remove redundant indexesStep 3: Vaccum?Step 4: Optimize top slow queries using automatic toolsStep 5: Understand if your current instance is fully utilizedStep 6: Optimize Your Database ConfigurationStep 7: Amazon RDS Reserved Instances? up to 73% discount on a 3 Years commitment.Step 8:… Continue reading Top 7 tips for optimizing and reducing your RDS cost

7 Best and Worst ORM for Node.js in 2023

This post's contentOverviewNode.js ORM GitHub statisticsPros of using a Node.js ORM frameworkPros of using Raw/Native SQL with Node.jsORM frameworks creators?Node.js ORM Frameworks overviewSequelizeAdvantages of using Sequelize:Disadvantages of using Sequelize:Companies and projects that use Sequelize:Methods to speed up slow Sequelize based applications¬†PrismaAdvantages of using PrismaDisadvantages of using PrismaCompanies and projects that use PrismaMethods to speed up… Continue reading 7 Best and Worst ORM for Node.js in 2023