[Solved] Unable to connect from BigQuery job to Cloud SQL Postgres
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Unable to connect from BigQuery job to Cloud SQL Postgres

Database type:

I am not able to use the federated query capability from Google BigQuery to Google Cloud SQL Postgres. Google announced this federated query capability for BigQuery recently in beta state.

I use EXTERNAL_QUERY statement like described in documentation but am not able to connect to my Cloud SQL instance. For example with query

SELECT * FROM EXTERNAL_QUERY('my-project.europe-north1.my-connection', 'SELECT * FROM mytable;');



I receive this error :

Invalid table-valued function EXTERNAL_QUERY Connection to PostgreSQL server failed: server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request.

Sometimes the error is this:

Error encountered during execution. Retrying may solve the problem.

I have followed the instructions on page https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/docs/cloud-sql-federated-queries and enabled BigQuery Connection API. Some documents use different quotations for EXTERNAL_QUERY (“ or ‘ or ‘’’) but all the variants end with same result.

I cannot see any errors in stackdriver postgres logs. How could I correct this connectivity error? Any suggestions how to debug it further?

How to optimize this SQL query?

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The optimization process and recommendations:
  1. Avoid Selecting Unnecessary Columns (query line: 2): Avoid selecting all columns with the '*' wildcard, unless you intend to use them all. Selecting redundant columns may result in unnecessary performance degradation.
The optimized query:
        'SELECT * FROM mytable;')

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