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Mysql Query with multiple query

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First of all, I know the question title may have been asked before but my query is slightly different. I have searched but I couldn't find what I am looking for.IF anyone knows that this question asked before, please provide a link to that post.

So My question is this;

This is a minicab booking website. I have VEHICLES tables. In this table I have 4 vehicles. Saloon, Estate, MPV, Minibus. These vehicles have values like passengers and luggage capacity etc. as follows;

  • Saloon => passengers=4 AND luggage_capacity=5
  • Estate => passengers=4 AND luggage_capacity=8
  • MPV => passengers=6 AND luggage_capacity=10
  • Minibus=> passengers=10 AND luggage_capacity=30

Now, When visitor enters information of how many passengers and how many luggages, Sql query should return the correct vehicle for the information given.

Example: Visitor Selects 3 passengers and 5 luggages. This should return SALOON vehicle. If passengers is 6 and no luggage MPV should return as result and so on.

I have tried the following sql query but wrong vehicle is displayed.

SELECT name FROM vehicles WHERE passengers >= $passengers 
AND luggage_capacity >= $luggage_capacity

I hope I could explain what I meant. Any help is appreciated.

How to optimize this SQL query?

The following recommendations will help you in your SQL tuning process.
You'll find 3 sections below:

  1. Description of the steps you can take to speed up the query.
  2. The optimal indexes for this query, which you can copy and create in your database.
  3. An automatically re-written query you can copy and execute in your database.
The optimization process and recommendations:
  1. Create Optimal Indexes (modified query below): The recommended indexes are an integral part of this optimization effort and should be created before testing the execution duration of the optimized query.
Optimal indexes for this query:
ALTER TABLE `vehicles` ADD INDEX `vehicles_idx_passengers` (`passengers`);
The optimized query:
        vehicles.passengers >= $passengers 
        AND vehicles.luggage_capacity >= $luggage_capacity

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