EverSQL case study – Kraft & Kennedy

Kraft & Kennedy

Accelerating Aurora Database Performance, improving customer satisfaction

Kraft & Kennedy is a leading consulting firm with more than 30 years of technology and management consulting experience. Kraft & Kennedy used EverSQL to speed up complex SQL queries from several minutes to a few seconds, optimize their numerous Aurora databases, and improve performance for their users.

The Challenge

We are a leading technology consulting firm with ever-increasing database performance needs. In an effort to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, we are always looking to identify bottlenecks and other performance issues. We recently identified several such issues that were impacting application performance for our users.

The Solution

We use EverSQL as our ‘AI Performance Guru’ to receive insights on query and schema inefficiencies and to improve performance on our production Aurora databases. Such insights include programmatically-generated queries, missing and redundant indexes, and recommendations related to more performant UNIONs, JOINs, etc.

Outcomes & Success Metrics

  • Reduced the execution time of several large SQL queries from one or more minutes to just a few seconds.
  • Improved overall page load time.
  • Performance is measurably faster and our customers have taken notice.

Describe TCO Analysis Performed

EverSQL’s license cost is negligible compared to the following savings:

  • No need to hire database performance consultants.
  • Improve application performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance product appeal leading to more deals won.
  • Mitigate customer churn related to product performance.

Lesson Learned

"EverSQL is an invaluable alternative to expanding our own database team - an endeavor that would cost a great deal more. By offloading our routine and reactive database optimizations to EverSQL, we can spend more time improving our core offerings."

Carter Meyers,
DevOps Solutions Architect
NameKraft & Kennedy, Inc.